It is important to tweak the indicators and strategy based on the market movements and cyclicality. The markets are smart enough to produce a pattern not seen or known before. But what remains is the underlying trend and certain tools that help us to capture that trend.

 Trading Intraday and on positional basis both have different ways because of time horizon.  In positional one has certain amount of time i.e days or weeks and the trading decisions can be taken with cool head as we have enough reaction time. Where as in intraday traders take their decisions on real time basis and it becomes quite challenging because of currency movement and World commodity movement(Comex , Nymex). One needs to do his /her homework with intermarket analysis to gauge the trend in domestic markets.      

Below are some of the trading calls – Intraday/Positional given to our paid subscribers of Commodity where they could capture the below movement

MCX Gold 30 mins chart:

 MCX Silver 30 mins chart:

 MCX Copper 30 mins chart:

We are using various techniques like Channeling, Bar and indicators like RSI along with Moving average concepts to capture the trend. Intraday trading can be challenging both emotionally and financially if strict rules are not followed.

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