Nifty Why 16480 is Important? Will Bank Nifty Lead? Relative chart!

You need to see how amazing the Diametric pattern has worked. I mentioned about the importance of 15900 - 15920 levels and Nifty moved up by more than 400 points in 3 days after that. In this webinar see clear trading strategy for the upcoming week

Master of Technical Analysis starts tomorrow. Equip yourself with the powerful tools of Trading like never before, Are you with me to make it Big by Trading the right way?

The course is designed to aim at the following aspects of trading:

  • Best Trade setups to enter the market
  • How to make the most of the position by timing the exit
  • Know when not to trade – A key to trading success
  • Applying multiple techniques along with Open interest analysis and Volume profile for high conviction trade setups
  • How to keep the profits intact after a winning streak…& MUCH MORE

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