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    Ashish Kyal

    For Mentorship Discussion

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    namrata jhanwar


    Sir this is an amazing application of time cycles on Larsen. I have applied on weekly charts and exact 40 weeks cycle is in play for this stock.

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    namrata jhanwar


    Sir please have a look at this chart. Please note that based on my learnings of neo waves and Time cycles from you I have tried to mark trajectory of this stock. I forgot to show wave markings on the chart. They seem to be making diametric pattern, with a-b-c-d completed, e in formation and expected trajectory of f-g- marked with lines.

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      Ashish Kyal, CMT

      Hi Namrata, L&T chart looks good with cycles, I agree with ICICI Bank Diametric possibility.

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    Rakesh Jain

    Please check Timecycle for Dell as well as HDFAHDFA

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    Ashish Kyal, CMT

    Rakesh, Time cycle looks good on Dell

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    namrata jhanwar


    Ichimoku application on 30 mins Sun pharma charts

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    namrata jhanwar


    Long term monthly cycles applied on NIfty.It is exact 72 month cycle. As per this cycle it suggests a major low in August 2020

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    Namrata Jhanwar

    BPCL chart price action and RSI divergence.Please note i had applied IChimoku on hourly charts as well, it was just on the brink of turning green.

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    Ashish Kyal

    Sunpharma you cannot buy simply on Daily ichimoku but apply across time frame charts and channels. Nifty cycle looks good. BPCL better to see if you get only bottoming cycle and not topping.

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    Namrata Jhanwar


    Nifty trade that I had taken. Profit was booked at 9520. It was an amazing application of wave theory and Ichimoku

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    Ashish Kyal, CMT

    Amazing Namrata, The counts are exactly in sync with mine…

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    Namrata Jhanwar


    Sir this is a long term multidecade chart of hang seng. I have applied neo wave counts on this, Please go through it.

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    Ashish Kyal, CMT

    Very well Namrata, Good understanding of Neo wave

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    amitabh chatterji

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