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    Ashish Kyal, CMT

    Yes there is divergence but the stock is outperforming and it is best to avoid catching a top here unless crucial supports are broken. I would suggest buy on dips strategy

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    now important support has broken can we short nifty

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    amit santwani

    Hi Ashish sir,

    Waiting for webinar for this week at this important Juncture of nifty nowhere to go and Modi coming back.
    Webinar would have helped this Friday 24.5.19

    Was expecting your insights on nifty.



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    Ashish Kyal

    Hi Amit, I published all my views in the monthly research report and thought of simply watching how well it followed the path. It is amazing to see the pattern being developed and channel followed despite of the event. I will be live today at 4 pm on Youtube. See you there…

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