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    Sir, I read on Glenn Neelys site that maximum deviation between adjacent waves in Diametric Pattern is –not more than 161.8% of adjacent Wave but should be more than 61.8% of adjacent Wave ??  And from the 7 leg one leg should not follow the Deviation rule ?? M i right ?   Thank You Sir

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    Ashish kyal, CMT

    I am not sure if he came out with new findings on Diametric pattern which you are mentioning above. Normally, adjacent wave will not be more than 61.8% deviation but the last g wave can be small as seen on Nifty on most of the occasions.

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    Bharat Samdani

    Sir, As you said 61.8% deviation, But now in current situation where Nifty is forming Diametric Pattern where, A leg = 23 days and B leg = 8 days So in the above situation how the Deviation ( adjacent leg less than 61.8% ) is followed ? Thank You  

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    Ashish kyal, CMT

    Diametric pattern do not follow specific rules but there are guidelines. If the deviation criteria is not matching you can consider them as complex correction. I will still not be too stringent to apply the deviation rule as Diametric pattern can be tricky…

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    Anand Khot

    As per Neely  leg of  Triangle and Diametric are  exception to the rules. Triangle leg are exception as he publicly stated and regarding diametric I sent query on his site under Question of the week to which he replied me personally in my email that leg of Triangle and diametric are exception to all the rules. I am sharing this publicly so that other NeoWave follower can know this. Secondly more than any specific rules one’s observation and critical thinking of identifying all possible alternatives within ongoing wave count is more important. Pablo Picasso  Quotes “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Also Neely  made NeoWave rules through his observation.

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    Ashish Kyal, CMT

    Nice quote Anand..:-) I completely agree..

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    Anand Khot


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