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    Shubham Gupta

    Sir I think Britannia LTD is going to be in it’s downtrend for atleast next five years. Kindly check my counting.

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    its Moving upside buddy ,  its on the way to completion of 5th wave on 3rd Primary wave , Good luck

    Britannia Monthly Wave analysis

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    Shubham Gupta

    Hello there, i think the move is not impulsive as wave 2 marked in bracket didn’t took much time, although i am not an expert on neo wave till now so i may be wrong in my above counting. So i would request to Mr Ashish Kyal to kindly give his opinion also on this.

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    Ashish Kyal,CMT

    Channel looks good but I would avoid catching a top in an impulsive rise as 3rd wave has tendency to break channel

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    Shubham Gupta

    Sir, is it not in corrective move? In a zig zag

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