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    Hi Sir, I have one doubt regarding Neo wave & Time cycles: In Neo Wave Neutral Triangle, Expanding Triangle, Diametric Triangle   all Triangles are(giving clues) forecasting  Price and also time. So Now what is the difference bet ween Time cycles and Neo- wave Time rules? My thought Neo-wave Time rules also giving perfect time and price forecating. So I feel Neo-wave  and EWT analysis looks perfect for trading and investment. May i know your view on NEo&Time cycles? Regards, SubbaRao Koppula.

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    Ashish Kyal, CMT

    Time cycles is a complete independent study compared to Neo wave time rules. You can use only Neo wave time rule as well

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    Yes Sir ,

    I am following Elliott wave and  NEOWAVE Analysis ( Time rules ). These both combination is giving good results,


    Thank You sir.

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    Thank You Sir

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