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    vishal sancheti


    As discussed previously , we are facing today 55 days time cycle and looking at previous chart patterns it clearly indicates that today we are going to finish wave “e” of “g” of “B” very high chance that we see a good fall from tmrw onwards in form of wave f of g of B till 13th july and then the final wave in form of “g” of “g” of “B” going to finsh at 11300+ levels may be end of july or may be on 55 days cycle falling on first week of aug


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    vishal sancheti


    time lines are really worth studying , we have started with small wave “f” on dowside

    if price goes equivalent to “b” then we can see 10050 levels by next monday !!


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    vishal sancheti

    in my last post i told for high as e wave will finish on 6th july with new highs of 10811, now today we can see good red candle forming in form of wave f of “g” of “B” .. trade with sell on rise with target of 10050

    nifty wave of of g of B

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    Ashish Kyal

    Good to see this

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    Vishal Sancheti

    Hi All,

    As per my counts, we are in last leg which is “g” of (G) of (B)

    lets see where and when it ends at what level, i have marked two levels

    1) 78.6% of wave a of (g) of (B) = 11600 levels

    2) 100% of wave a of (g) of (B) = 12150 levels

    major of the stocks are very far away from the  upper targets while nifty is at 11000 levels with high beta stocks, so my sense is that we will touch 12150 by 3rd week of Aug so that all the mid and small caps can reach to their higher levels

    nifty 17-7-2020

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    Get ready for boom boom very soon !!

    May be After 11400/11600 in July or after 12100 in August second week …

    Ashish Sir can tell while looking into time cycles..

    nifty 50 24-7-20


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    Vishal Sancheti

    Next big move on cards, possibly crossing all time high in nifty

    if so then do we have to recount the waves ? target time ? wave c on downside after that or wave 5 on upside ?

    these are the big question and this confusion always screw the trades !!


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