Mutual Fund industry has grown exponentially over past decade. During this period the number of schemes has also increased drastically with more than 2600 different schemes across the asset classes – Equity, Debt, Hybrid, Balanced, Thematic, Gold, ETFs.

An investor when exposed to this plethora of investment avenues and schemes it is obvious for him to be confused and lose objectivity. This has created a strong need to objectively identify the asset that will outperform is from medium to long term perspective.

Investments based on Technical analysis – Elliott wave principle.

We use objective and systematic method to understand the medium to long term trend of not only Equity markets but also the NAV of the funds. Application of methods like Elliott wave, Time cycles and other time proven strategies help us for prudent asset allocation which is very important to generate alpha returns.

This research report covers wave analysis on , Gold and Technical analysis along with Elliott wave on NAV of a few selective funds. This research will help one to objectively understand the asset either Equity, Debt, Gold that will outperform in the future and provide Mutual Funds insights with fund selection that can best help to be a part of the India growth story.

See yourself Where to invest NOW? With detailed analysis on the funds that has potential to outperform the benchmark consistently in future.

Here’s what you get access to:

Weekly views on Nifty / Sensex, Gold with Mutual Fund schemes that has potential to outperform

Asset allocation between Equity, Gold, Debt, Hybrid funds based on risk parameter

Learn Neo wave theory applied on Weekly / Daily Nifty chart and keep watching how it develops by reading our reports

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