Below research highlights – Understanding the trend of Nifty with application of Gann theory, Hurst time cycle combined with Neo wave.

Nifty has continued to be in Bulls radar and tested the new life time high of 9287.75 (@1.06pm) in today’s trading session. If we ignore the last 2 days of up move then in the entire month of April 2017 we have witnessed overlapping kind of down move from 9275 to 9075 level. However interesting thing is that entire movement of April 2017 which has happened till now is exactly as per the path shown in the research report. We predicted accurately the path of Nifty based on Advanced Technical concepts such Neo wave, Gann square of Nine price projection and Hurst Time cycles. Below we have shown proof of the same which is taken from “The Financial Waves Monthly Update” published on 4th April 2017.


Nifty daily chart: Gann square of Nine Price projection with Hurst’s Time cycles (Anticipated on 4th April 2017)

Nifty: Power of Gann square of Nine, Hurst’s Time cycles Anticipated & Happened!

Nifty daily chart:  (Happened till now)

(Part of research taken from “The Financial Waves Monthly Update” published on 4th April 2017)

“Gann Square of Nine Price projections combined with Hurst’s Time : During complex patterns when the trend is strong we try to use different methods to get price and time projections. On Figure 5 we have applied Gann square of Nine price projections. This is applied by looking at 180 degrees on Square of Nine.

The below figure shows square of Nine method. Yellow highlighted area on the right side is the 0 degree and on the left side is 180 degrees. Since the price levels on Nifty we are looking at is nearly in range of 9000 the same cannot be shown here. But we have made excel projections with the entire cells till more than 10000 marked in the below fashion. Due to restriction of space the same cannot be shown here. So the price levels marked on Figure 5 is derived from the yellow region on the left side of x axis which is in series of 2, 11, 28, 53 etc. So if the reading continues you will come across 8327, 8696, 9073,… marked on above chart.

As per this logic since the level of 9073 is now broken decisively and prices managed to form higher highs and higher lows above this level the next level to look out for is at ….

Square of Nine:

Nifty: Power of Gann square of Nine, Hurst’s Time cycles Anticipated & Happened!

Hurst’s Time cycles: We have taken a step forward to combine the above Gann method and apply it along with time cycles to see if we can time the turn. The path is shown on the chart based on channels and Time cycles. As per this we should see some pullback on downside towards the level of 9080 after one more push towards the channel resistance. This path is only tentative as Time cycles can lose its validity during strong trending moves.

Displaced cycle 55 days: Due to Demonetization and Trump victory on 9th November 2016, the cycles got little distorted. It is unclear as of now if the original cycle (red) is working or the displaced one (blue) is more important which is from the important lows. We are therefore going to use cycle analysis only with little caution unless further clarity is obtained.

Neo wave existing wave counts: As mentioned earlier looking at the sharp rise even above the high of 9219 there is a possibility that wave [E] is over in form of a running triangle pattern and next big up move has started. Nevertheless the rallies are going to be corrected by declines and sometimes sharp which will provide excellent opportunities to enter.

So for now prices are moving in form of wave …. of the up move as shown in Figure 4. Now as the rise has been in overlapping fashion without sufficient time correction it means that it is not a normal impulse but ……..

In a nutshell, looking at the overall trend so far the best strategy to follow is the weekly bar method. … Also as per Gann analysis method the next level to look forward to is ….which is lying on the 180 degree angle….Nifty can move as per the path shown ….”

Happened: Nifty is moving precisely as per the path shown on the chart on 4th April 2017. Post publishing of this research prices corrected from 9275 to 9075 level and protected 9073 level which was mentioned as per Gann square of Nine price projections. Along with this Time Cycle of 55 days also played a crucial role and prices made low near the same. Isn’t it a thrilling experience to see certain levels both in terms of Price and Time working so precisely?

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