8th August 2016

Ashish Kyal, CMT conducted the Most Advanced Technical Analysis Training – Neo Wave and Time Cycles in Mumbai

Audience enjoyed discussing on Elliott Wave, Time Cycles and Neo Wave alongwith its practical application in the two day training course on 23 & 24 July16 which was held in Mumbai in Hotel Grand Sarovar Premiere.

Following are the tweets done during the training course-
@kyalashish : Markets are #fractral#WSATraining
@kyalashish : #ChannellingTechnique is the most important technique one can use #WSATraining
Discussion on #Neowave and how it is important! #WSATraining
@kyalashish : #Timecycles is used for forecasting Time and not Magnitude #WSATraining
Ashish Sir is the best person to manage workshop effectively and in timely manner. Sir was very calm in answering every doubt. Thanks alot for giving opportunity to us to listen to Guru of Chaos, Mr. Ashish Kyal Sir.
-Kunal Rambhia,Sandhurst Road

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