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15th May 2021

Trading Strategies followed by Ashish Kyal to win CNBC Awaaz KhiladiNo1 show!

KhiladiNo1 Feeling Awesome winning the week CNBC Awaaz after voltage shock on Monday but managing to outperform.

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12th May 2021

Master of Waves Season-2 (8th & 9th May 2021)

Master Of Waves Season 2 – It was pleasure speaking on Most Advanced Technical Analysis training – Elliott wave, Neo wave

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15th April 2021

Master of Technical Analysis Season-2 (10th & 11th April 2021)

Master Of Technical Analysis (MOTA) Season – 2 was unique and for the very first time it was shown how the Big Traders are trading the market.

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25th January 2021

Grand Book Launch Day - 30th October

We are glad to give a sneak peek on what you can expect out of this book! – Effective Trading In Financial Markets using Technical Analysis Book by Ashish Kyal, Smita Trivedi

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25th November 2020

Effective Trading in Financial Markets using Technical Analysis - Published in Aaj Ka Anand

It feels pleasure that our book Effective Trading in Financial Markets using technical analysis was published in press Aaj Ka Anand.

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29th April 2020

CNBC TV 18 - Bull's Eye Trade Show won in chaotic times!

Overall Nifty 50 was moving in a lackluster manner with random gap ups and gap downs. Still the power of stock selection using Elliott wave was the reason that I managed to win the trade show

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08th August 2016

Ashish Kyal, CMT conducted the Most Advanced Technical Analysis Training – Neo Wave and Time Cycles in Mumbai

Audience enjoyed discussing on Elliott Wave, Time Cycles and Neo Wave alongwith its practical application in the two day training course on 23 & 24 July16 which was held in Mumbai in Hotel Grand Sarovar Premiere.

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