Bank Nifty Index has been trading near its life time high level and has been in a strong uptrend. We have been applying various techniques across various segments to capture the ongoing trend. During such times it is better to use the trend following methods to capture the ongoing trend. We have been using Ichimoku cloud method to capture the ongoing trend on the upside.

The following are methods based on which we generated some calls on the Index.

12/03/2019 BANKNIFTY MARCH FUT BUY ABOVE 28400 SL 28210 TGT1 28485 TGT2 28685

We generated a call near 28400 using 5 minutes and it moved precisely as expected and achieved our first target near 28485 levels.

13/03/2019      BANKNIFTY FUT  BUY ABOVE 28630 SL 28460 TGT1 28715 TGT2 28885

We generated a call near 28630 for the second consecutive session using 5 minutes and the index followed the method expected and achieved both the mentioned targets near 28715 and 28885

15/03/2019  BANKNIFTY FUT  BUY ABOVE 29268 SL 29038 TGT1 29383 TGT2 29613

We generated a call on 15th March near 29268 using 5 minutes chart and the method worked amazingly well to capture the ongoing trend, achieving both our targets near 29383 and 29613.

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