Below research highlights application of Gann square of nine along with 35 days cycle on which there has been a big red candle formation.

W. D. Gann found various unorthodox methods in order to forecasts the markets. He had amazing records showing gains across asset class – Equity, Commodity, Agri and more. There are various different methods followed and I am showcasing one of them shown below in order to time the markets. For price confirmation and patterns I prefer using Elliott wave, Neo wave methods and for Timing we can rely on one of Gann’s method shown below.

Nifty daily chart with Calendar days

The above chart shows Gann time cycles followed on the 90 degree on Square of Nine. You can read our earlier post on Square of Nine.  These Gann cycles are applied on Calendar days and not trading days. It helps to understand short term reversal for few days and at times major tops or bottoms. From the above chart we can clearly see that 190th day marked very important top for Nifty post which the downtrend started. As of now from the lows of 7900 levels we have continued to see alternate period tops and bottoms. These tops and bottoms are not that major but have still resulted into 2 to 3 days of reversal. Nevertheless it helps in timing the market. Even the recent lows as per Gann cycle resulted into two days of up move.

35 days Time cycle: This cycle marked on the calendar chart of Nifty shows a big red bar formation every 34th or 35th day. Infact on all of the occasions Nifty opened higher on these days and closed negative forming a big red candle.

These are minor observations but very important as it helps to time the market probably to the day. We do not use only Time cycles but combine them with pattern analysis using Neo wave – Advanced Elliott wave methods. Also Hurst’s time cycles help us to find important tops and bottoms and intermittent movement can be found using Gann cycles.

Simply imagine the power if we are able to understand the pattern under formation using these cycles and combining it with Neo wave. Forecasting is all about probability and cycles are always tricky as they can vanish without prior indication but when they works in sync that is the scenario to go all in!!!

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