Hurst suggested that there are certain standard cycles which are universal and can be applied on any asset classes. Many cycle analysts often complain that cycles vanish without giving prior indication. The major reason being interaction of different cycles of varying magnitude.

The subject might look complicated but it is no different than Elliott wave principle. The major difference is Hurst Cycle analysis helps us to predict time and Elliott wave focuses more on price. This element of time can help us to forecast the Elliott wave pattern that can form in future.

As shown in below chart we have applied Time cycle on Nifty Daily chart along with Neo Wave. The important part of Hurst Cycle is that if you know that major as well as smaller degree cycles are citing towards probable bottom or top then you can save yourself from making wrong trade. In market “when not to trade is the key to success”.

Nifty daily chart:


Stocks: What is Hurst’s Time cycles, its application on Nifty?

The above chart clearly shows important areas when Nifty formed lows near the above cycle. We have turned bullish based on these lows. Also a few days or maybe two weeks prior the markets topped out. This time it was no different and we can clearly see it topped out in 2nd half of the cycle. So by applying cycle analysis you can know when important lows or tops should be formed.  

This study of cycle analysis is independent of price forecasting that we do using Advanced Elliott wave i.e. Neo wave.

Imagine the power you will have if Time cycles and Neo wave price pattern both are in sync and pointing towards same direction.

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In addition to above we have been mentioning Nifty daily intraday calls in our trading research reports. Below are the past few days of Nifty calls given:

Anticipated in morning of 19th Feb 2018 – Short positions can be created below 10430 with 10480 as stop and target of 10390.

Happened: Nifty moved precisely as expected and achieved the target of 10390 immediately.

Anticipated in morning of 16th Feb 2018 – Short positions can be created below 10500 with day’s high as stop and target of 10460 levels. BANG ON!

Happened: Nifty has been moving precisely as expected. Prices broke 10500 and quickly reached the target levels

Anticipated in morning on 15th Feb 2018 – long positions can be created on move above 10550 with 10510 as stop and target of 10580.” BANG ON!

Happened: Nifty moved precisely as expected and crossed the target levels on upside.

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