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I am sure if you are trading already or want to start then the first thing you want to see is profits but did someone tell you that you have to only manage risk and profits will happen. Now I might sound different but trust me I have more than 15 years of trading experience and worked with Hedge funds, Investment Banks like Lehman Brothers, Nomura, have designed risk systems for exchanges and research for their domestic desk.
You will not find people talking about Risk management, Stoploss which is most important to be a successful trader. The reason being they want to sell you something that you are comfortable with but which might not result into profits.

I have researched on Elliott Waves and Time Cycles for more than a decade and realised these methods have stood test of time giving you best risk reward trades that you cannot even imagine. Especially if you are an option trader these methods simply is answer to majority of traders success. This is used by Big players along with Volume analysis for building positions.

I am ready to give this time tested system to you that too at a throw away price which otherwise would have cost you decades to build. Why I am doing that? I know the pain of not having a method and no one to answer when you are stuck in a stock or option trades. I realised early on that a Mentor can simply change your life journey and take you to a speed of a Ferrari.

Now the only hurdle here is not me but you have to take that leap of faith. I have tools ready but only you join me with an open mind to learn which will require putting aside all your assumptions and look at the markets with a fresh lens of wave theory.

So, Is this method easy for me is your next question, I can read your mind! ;-)

Here is the throw away price with bonuses that is not going to be available anymore if you don't take that step today. I am going at a Ferrari speed you can join me only if you want to trade with me as I have created successful traders and I strongly believe to touch atleast a million. Here is the link to join me live on 9-10th October for Master of Cycles...
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Ashish Kyal, CMT, Author

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