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A piece of advice to buy, sell, or hold stock in a public company

Get In-depth Analysis And Forecasting Of Equity Markets

Get in-depth analysis and forecasting of Equity markets by subscribing to this report published on daily basis.

The research not only provides you with short, intermediate, and major trends but also helps you to learn how we apply wave analysis combined with orthodox technical tools, Time Cycles, oscillators, and Fibonacci retracement and targets to arrive at high accuracy low-risk trade setups.

Get further customization of the Forecasts based on markets/stocks of your choice.

This research report covers Nifty and few selective stocks having high profitable trade setups. This will also help in your learning of Elliott wave analysis and how it is applied on the charts on daily basis.

Improve your trading accuracy by knowing where the major market is headed for the day/week/month and capture the best part of the trend.

Improve Your Trading Accuracy

Improve your trading accuracy by knowing where the major market is headed for the day/week/month and capture the best part of the trend.

Here’s what you get access to:

  • Daily / Weekly views on Nifty / Sensex with a few stocks having good buying or selling opportunities
  • Key Support & Resistance levels
  • Learn wave theory along with actual 30 mins/hourly / daily charts and keep watching how it develops by reading our reports daily

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Equity Research Sample Report
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Hitesh Arora, Delhi

“Hi Mr. Ashish Kyal, I would like to thank you and congratulate you for providing such insight information about the stock market movement with the help of channels, time cycle and Elliott wave in detail. It was eye opener for me that with the help of channels and time cycle one can make good and profitable decisions in the market. It was well balanced and within time slot training/webinar and very interactive too. Although Elliott wave is something which is very complicated topic to understand but you made so simple to have the basic understanding of it, Now on us how to make it applicable in the market and read the market accordingly. Thanks and Regards”

Subramanian Mahalingam,Telengana

“I was the last candidate getting into Mr. Ashish Kyal webnair and I was very lucky to have boarded to me as his classes were how my first teacher taught me a b c d he was clear precise and ensured that even a layman like me understood every minute thing about being technical and about the wave patterns. He covered what could be termed at school a dry subject with so much of passion and created an auto instinct in students like me to be glued to what was an absolute transformation of how we look at charts. In fact i have become a fan of my guru and will be part of his journey here on … Continue your good work. You are very genuine in what you are doing in this world of fake people My name is Subramanian Mahalingam My qualification is I am BCOM, ACA Grad, CWA and Masters in Oracle Financials I am CFO of an Infra company and group with topline of 1000 cr.”