A Few Words from our Successful Clients

Sudeepta Hazarika

Mentorship program has improved my edge in intraday trading as I have made huge profits in past couple of months following things taught in Mentorship


Amazing learning on patterns and how to use them effectively to derive entry points, stop loss and targets. simply brilliant. various examples explained on live charts was simply superb and give hope that the methods if apply cautiously must work out brilliantly. I am falling in love of this man.

Nilesh Pawar

One should attend 2 MOTA 2 MOW atleast 1 Mentorship program for me for in financial world your are next to God like Mr. Modi for world.

Rakesh Ambudkar

Great Mentor. Keeps things logical and simple. And a Humble person. Hats off to your mentoring skills. That differentiates. Thank you

Nikhil Kohli

Great to have you as a mentor Ashish. It has given me immense confidence to combine all the techniques and build a method, a system for an objective approach to trading. I was always looking for a mentor and I found one in you Ashish. Many thanks.

Santosh Navangule

Few cents from my side – We need mentor and guide who cannot only impart knowledge but show us the path …. I recommend to join his mentorship which will help learn technical analysis but also wholistic way of looking at market

Shilpa Patankar

Amazing learning experience in the Mentorship program. Your passion for teaching is commendable. Got a very good insight on how to develop a view on market using Technical analysis. The best part is you are pushing us to form our view rather than taking readymade answers from you

Anand Mandala

AKTG is a genuine & competent Training & Mentoring place for all serious traders. You will learn things that are used by big boys to trade and understand the underlying concepts that move the market. Ashish is a very experienced, approachable, kind and supportive Mentor.

Sanjyoti Hadimani

Have been following him from the past 1 yr or more...And I have always been learning something or the other new every time be it in a free webinar or in BMW season 1 or 2 and now 2.2...My trading skills have reached beyond my expectations!


A fantastic way of teaching. Mind-blowing. I made so many losses in trading than profit. But after attending the MOTA program, I could see a lot of improvement in myself. Came to profit mode after a series of losses. Really grateful for Ashish sir for the same.

Aditya Bagwale

It's been an amazing experience. Its excellent teaching and I am definitely sure that it will change my profit and loss account drastically in a positive way.

Shamim Akhter

It's been an awesome program. It has given valuable guidance for the overall environment where we trade in and got insights into trading style. Great learning.

Arun Kumar, Mumbai

Ashish, Your Short term analysis update on DLF is bang on. It reached low of 108.4. only 3 points far from the target.. Following and trading this move made some profits along with learning the Elliot waves. Many thanks.

Chaitanya Shukla

It’s a great learning platform. Ashish Sir is simply beyond words when it comes to mentoring his students. I hope to one day make it big in markets. Have already taken the first step under Sir’s guidance.

Deepak Ahuja

Ashish, Congratulations on winning by a huge margin. Also, I have made good money by shorting RELIANCE COM, AXIS BANK and DFL as suggested by you on equity report.

Pushpendra, Mumbai

Hi, Ashish sir, I 1st of all take this opportunity to Congratulate u..for winning the ET competition.This will reinforce the faith of many who lack commitment in result-oriented in Neowave principle…further, I am a regular follower of your startling analysis as always..

Sunnid Satpal, Delh

Thank you for your excellent analysis on the markets! Your Nifty Strategy has earned me a lot of money.

Srinath Srinivasmurthy

First off all. Thank you for the reply on LIC Housing. I was not expecting and when I saw reply I was very happy. Since last week I’m reading your reports. I’m extremely pleased with your work and would like to subscribe for annual package or may be until I trade in market for sure.

Hitesh Arora, Delhi

Hi Mr. Ashish Kyal, I would like to thank you and congratulate you for providing such insightful information about the stock market movement with the help of channels, time cycle and Elliott wave in detail. It was eye opener for me that with the help of channels and time cycle one can make good and profitable decisions in the market. It was well balanced and within time slot training/webinar and very interactive too. Although Elliott wave is something which is very complicated topic to understand but you made so simple to have the basic understanding of it, Now on us how to make it applicable in the market and read the market accordingly.