Intraday / Positional Advisory

A piece of advice to buy, sell, or hold stock in a public company.”

Intraday calls on Cash, Futures & Options along with exit strategies, targets and stop losses


Get high profit low risk trade setups from our research analysts who are watching minute by minute movements of Equity, Commodity : Precious metals, Base metals, Agro products and Currency markets.

Receive intraday calls on Cash, Futures & Options for highly profitable trades via Messenger, SMS and Calls along with exit strategies, targets and stop losses so that you are always in control of your risk.

Capital preservation is our top priority! Improve your trading accuracy by knowing where the major market is headed for the day/week/month and capture the best part of the trend.

Improve Your Trading Accuracy

Here’s what you get access to:

  • Our specialized team keeps track of the Indian Equities having good liquidity and traded on NSE or BSE exchanges, monitor from the hundreds of available stocks across the sectors and select a few ones that offer the best Risk Reward trade setup


  • Receive intraday or positional advisory across asset classes: Equity, Commodity – Precious Metals: Gold & Silver/ Base Metals: Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Currency pairs: INR, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY


  • Get intraday calls on Agro commodities traded on NCDEX


  • Specific entry levels, targets and effective stop loss levels to generate maximum profits with minimum risk for Cash, Futures, Options markets


  • Get advisory across time frames ranging from Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Long term investments

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Deepak Ahuja, Mumbai

“Ashish, Congratulations on winning by huge margin. Also,I have made good money by shorting RELIANCE COM, AXIS BANK and DFL as suggested by you on equity report.”