3rd  August 2017

Ashish Kyal, CMT conducted the Most Advanced Technical Analysis Training – Neo Wave and Time Cycles in Mumbai

Audience enjoyed discussing on Elliott Wave, Time Cycles,Neo Wave and Gann Analysis along with its practical application in the two day training course on 29 & 30 July17 which was held in Mumbai in Hotel Grand Sarovar Premiere.

Following are the tweets done during the training course-
@kyalashish : Markets are #fractral #WSATraining
@kyalashish : #ChannellingTechnique is the most important technique one can use #WSATraining
Discussion on #Neowave and how it is important! #WSATraining
@kyalashish : #Timecycles is used for forecasting Time and not Magnitude #WSATraining


  • It was a great trainin session overall.Ashish tried to explain complex strategies in as much as simple way we could.Answered all questions without getting irritated.Interaction quality was great.Schedule was followed very well.In 2days many techniques were covered which is very good.

      Pradeep Kanaujia



  • Training was extremely well articulated,so that maximum coverage can be accomplished in 2days of training.Multiple key concepts were covered with best practical application.

         Hardik Mehta

        — Mumbai


  • Eye opener programme for how to analyse with different tools,like Neo Wavw,Time Cycles and Gann Projections and other existing indicators.




  • Excellent training in very short span of time,cleared many doubts in terms of retracements and pattern explanation.

          Vipul Gor



  • It was a great training session overall.

       Vijay Vyas


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