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A Mentor is the KEY to become A Disciplined Trader!

Register before 25th October to avail Early Bird offer.

The Mentorship batch is starting from November 2020 onwards for a period of 3 months. As a trader the most important aspect I think is to manage risk and to have a clear trade plan. There are various methods that are available to read the market but a mentor who has decades of experience act as a guide for application of these methods in a disciplined way.

In this Mentorship program you will get access to

  • 32 hours of training (4 days) for the most desired training of Mastering Technical analysis and Mastering Elliott wave
  • 22 hours of online access of the Advanced Technical analysis module + Elliott wave video links
  • Access to past research reports to enhance the learning
  • 3 months of Mentorship online sessions – 3 Saturdays in a month, 3 hours each Saturday
  • Recordings of the sessions will be made available for the period of 7 days so that the concept can be learned again and again until the next class
  • Access to private group on Facebook and social media

I always believe that traders are not born but can be made if the necessary discipline, belief and trust in the tools can be inculcated. A mentor reduces the learning that can take years to very short span of time by delivering the exact way in which it can be used. Many videos, concepts are available free online but to select winners it takes certain amount of attention and methods that a mentor can give.

Trust me this as an investment for brighter tomorrow but not just fees for yet another course. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I am thrilled to share my everyday insights with my every mentee.

Become a wonderful Trader!

Ashish Kyal, B.E., MBA, CMT

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Below is what Batch of Mentorship Feb 2020 is saying!

Rakesh Ambudkar “Great Mentor. Keeps things logical and simple. And a Humble person. Hats off to your mentoring skills. That differentiates. Thank you

Nikhil Kohli “Great to have you as a mentor Ashish. It has given me immense confidence to combine all the techniques and build a method, a system for an objective approach to trading. I was always looking for a mentor and I found one in you Ashish. Many thanks

Nilesh Pawar – “one should attend 2 mota 2 mow atleast 1 mentor program for me for in financial world your are next to God like Mr. Modi for world.

SHILPA PATANKAR – “Amazing learning experience in the Mentorship program. Your passion for teaching is commendable. Got a very good insight on how to develop a view on market using Technical analysis. The best part is you are pushing us to form our view rather than taking readymade answers from you…

Hardik Mehta – “I am associated with Ashish and Waves Strategy for last 10 years and I can confidently say he is amongst the top market technician and experts. Extremely humble and intelligent.

Santosh Navangule – “Few cents from my side – We need mentor and guide who cannot only impart knowledge but show us the path …. I recommend to join his Mentorship which will help learn technical analysis but also wholistic way of looking at market.

Sudeepta Hazarika – “Mentorship program has really improved my edge in intraday trading as I have made huge profits in the past couple of months following things taught in Mentorship”