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Trade-in Real-Time With Discipline and Confidence using Time Cycles.  A scientific Approach to Successful Trading 

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Mentor: Mr. Ashish Kyal

CMT, Author Of International Book

Hurry Up!! Early Bird Ends On 30th September 2022









HURRY UP !! 3 Months of Mentorship on Technical Analysis – starts on 17th July

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A Mentor is a KEY to become A Disciplined Trader!

The next Mentorship batch starts from November 2022 for a period of 3 months. As a trader the most important aspect I think is to manage risk and to have a clear trade plan. There are various methods that are available to read the market but a mentor who has decades of experience act as a guide for the application of these methods in a disciplined way.

In This Mentorship Program You Will Get Access To

  • 36 hours of training (6 days) for the most desired training on Master of Cycles (MOC), Option Trading using Technical Analysis (OTTA) and Mastering Elliott wave Season – 2 (MOW)
  • 18 hours of online access of Master of Technical Analysis (MOTA), Advanced Technical analysis module + Elliott wave video links
  • 3 months of Mentorship online sessions – 3 Saturdays in a month, 3 hours each Saturday
  • Recordings of the sessions will be made available for the period of 7 days so that the concept can be learned again and again
  • Access to a private group on Mentorship Trader's Forum and social media
  • Lifetime Access to private Telegram group
  • Periodic access to Live interactive sessions with Ashish Kyal even post Mentorship
Mr. Ashish Kyal
Author of International Book ,B.E., MBA, CMT

I always believe that traders are not born but can be made if the necessary discipline, belief and trust in the tools can be inculcated. A mentor reduces the learning that can take years to very short span of time by delivering the exact way in which it can be used. Many videos, concepts are available free online but to select winners it takes certain amount of attention and methods that a mentor can give.

Trust me this as an investment for brighter tomorrow but not just fees for yet another course. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I am thrilled to share my everyday insights with my every mentee.

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Futures & Options Setups
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Hurry Up!! Early Bird Ends On 30th September 2022

"I've followed Ashish sir for a year before I enrolled in the Mentorship program. The program really helped me build discipline and improve my trading. Prior to the program I earned a lot from the market and lost a lot too. Throughout, I was not very confident of what I was doing. The research techniques and signals taught during the mentorship have helped me improve my conviction, and discipline and above all, become confident and consistent in my trading. Interacting with other colleagues during the mentorship, helped us ensure that we learn from each other too. Its a great program and I'll recommend any budding trader to go through this. It's a worthwhile investment in the trading journey!”

Mitesh Kumar

“Amazing - must say we are able to see the market in a very different way with Neo wave, learn from the master who has been practicing it, I am sure No one in India teaches this skill better than Ashish sir.”


“It was an eye opener for me. I was driving with one hand and with both hands, means only price now with time also. Learned a lot about value of time and its importance.”

Amit Agarwal

"This was my second mentorship with Ashish Sir. It had several practical examples and case studies besides a live trading session. It has consolidated my learning and given me greater confidence in taking the trades. I hope to make a higher high and higher low in my trading journey from here on." 

Chaitanya Shukla

“I am going through this for the second time and the science of time is simply astonishing, I feel I have learned more since the science is known to me and I am familiar with its concepts. It has been a super learning experience.”

Hussain Bagasrawala

Hurry Up!! Early Bird Ends On 30th September 2022


Trade-in Real-Time With Discipline and Confidence. A scientific Approach to Successful Trading Starts from November 2022

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