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Be different from the crowd and learn systematic way of trading using Technical Analysis and apply Elliott wave, Neo Wave, Time Cycle along with other Advanced Technical Tools on current charts of Equity, Commodities and Currency markets. Be independent & Learn practical way of trading.

Learn Basic as well as Advanced Technical Analysis tools like Elliott Wave, Neo Wave, Hurst’s Time Cycles, etc and its practical application on charts from industry experts & transform yourself from being a novice to an expert trader and learn to identify the best trading setups!

We believe in sharing across our experience and knowledge through different Educational services and Distance Learning modules. We can customize the courses based on basic understanding of batch and time constraints. This course is a professional & comprehensive training program in Technical Analysis designed specifically to help you in trading Equity, Commodity, Global and Currency markets.

Our trainers are professionally qualified individuals with CMT (Chartered Market Technician) designation. Training program is conducted for both individuals and groups.


Now, distance is not a problem. Technology helps us to bridge the gap by providing necessary real life environment. Learn from anywhere you want.

Elliott Wave Educational Video Series

Get Educational training videos comprised of 2 CD’s which will help you learn how to apply Elliott Wave principle by Ashish Kyal, CMT, Director of Waves Strategy Advisors. Experience the practical application of Elliott wave in Equity, Commodity, Currency and Global Markets from the comfort of your home or office. What more! You can view the Educational series again and again at your own pace and write to us if there are any doubts.

Free Material: Get immediate access to our online video which is like a Crash course to the entire content. Also get 1 week of FREE research reports to enhance your ability on Applying Elliott wave practically.

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“After attending the session, came to learn about the power of elliott wave and the easy adaptiveness to the market. The session was helpful in integrating the technical indicators with elliott wave and do better forecasts.”

– Jithin George, NIBM, Pune


“I was the last candidate getting into Mr. Ashish Kyal webnair and I was very lucky to have boarded to me as his classes were how my first teacher taught me a b c d he was clear precise and ensured that even a layman like me understood every minute thing about being technical and about the wave patterns. He covered what could be termed at school a dry subject with so much of passion and created an auto instinct in students like me to be glued to what was an absolute transformation of how we look at charts. In fact i have become a fan of my guru and will be part of his journey here on … Continue your good work. You are very genuine in what you are doing in this world of fake people My name is Subramanian Mahalingam My qualification is I am BCOM, ACA Grad, CWA and Masters in Oracle Financials I am CFO of an Infra company and group with topline of 1000 cr.”

– Subramanian Mahalingam, Telengana


“I found the sessions engrossing. Mr.Ashish Kyal’s approach (to combine different tools to give reliable analysis) and his method of explaining is simple and effective. I look forward to apply the concepts in my trading.”

– Huma Masood, New Delhi


“Concepts were explained very well. Real life examples of the concepts were shared & explained. Also shown how to use these concepts in our Trading practice which was most important. These are really useful & powerful concepts & techniques.”

– Manoj Tewary, India


“Very nice and broader way of analysis and to interpret the future moves much clearly.”

– Ramesh Kumar K, Pune


“The trainer has explained the basic concepts of Elliott Waves and other technical analysis methods very clearly. The training session also had analysis on live markets.”

– Sindhu V, Bengaluru


“Ashish Sir is the best person to manage workshop effectively and in timely manner. Sir was very calm in answering every doubt. Thanks alot for giving opportunity to us to listen to Guru of Chaos, Mr. Ashish Kyal Sir.”

– Kunal Rambhia, Sandhurst Road


“I was not much confident to take short when you mentioned on the training day on 8th nifty has yet back a low as per time cycle but now after the fall, I am now understanding the importance of Time Cycle while applying Elliot wave.Training of Ashish Kyal had helped me to take better trading decisions using the nifty reports.”

– Arun Kumar, Mumbai


“The simplification of complex subject of “Elliot Waves” and combination of Elliot Waves with Classical Technical Tools are not only Awesome, but Unique too. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Kyal’s Seminar at Sarovar Premier Hotel, Bombay during13th & 14th October, 2013 because of his Flawless, Plain (Jargon free) and Lucid Language. Best of all I liked his virtue to teach what he really performs in his real professional life. And last, but not least, Mr. Kyal’s Seminar was the Best of All Seminars I’ve ever attended.”

– Kiran Banjara, KB Investment Avenues, Ahmadabad-GJ


“Mr. Ashish Kyal is simply the most amazing teacher of practical Elliott Wave Theory.”

– Rishabh Vasaria, Hyderabad


“First of all big thank you for the excellent training session. This was one of the best training I’ve ever been in!!!You did terribly well! I was/and still am impressed about how you made something “simple” from this very complicated stuff called NEOWAVE -I tried to read the book, and gave up…Now I’ll give it another try…”

– Francis RAMA, France


“Myself Sameer. Just want to share my feedback. From last 7 years, I am doing full-time trading in F&O segment (Nifty & Bank Nifty) using my technical study and Elliot wave counting. I attended 2 days Neo Wave seminar on 1st March at Goregaon. The session and teaching by Mr. Ashish Kyal was excellent. The topics covered in session e.g. new Neo wave patterns, new Elliott rules, 2 stage confirmation and Time Cycles were very useful. Today I applied these techniques on Nifty and Bank Nifty (Daily & 60 Min charts) and its working perfectly fine. I am very much satisfied with the course. Just want to say Thank You for sharing such valuable knowledge. I have also subscribed for your daily mail service on Nifty EOD and Elliott view. From last 3 months, I am reading these mails daily. I always verify my own analysis with your mails, before taking any entry in market. The accuracy and success ratio of your mails (analysis) is more than 98%, which is excellent. Thanks again.”

– Sameer Dharaskar, Mumbai

Pushpendra, Mumbai

“Hi , Ashish sir, I 1st of all take this opportunity to Congratulate u..for winning ET competition..This will reinforced faith of many who lack commitment in result oriented in Neowave principle…further, I am regular follower of your startaling analysis as always..”


“Ashish sir, Thanks for your valuable analysis I shorted CESC fit 1lot@ 554 , and I covered it 547 only, if I should give a trailing Stop loss then I can profit more and huge, any way I bought Coal India fit 2 lot and used your wave technique 12345, and I waited for 5 wave, sir if I am wrong plz correct me sir wave 5 after breaking the channel it generally more than wave 1 or wave 3, any way I make PROFIT in coal India also, sir if you analyse the coal India and SBI, YOUR clients will be benefited. Thanks a lot sir.”

Deepak Ahuja, Mumbai

“Ashish, Congrulations on winning by huge margin. Also,I have made good money by shorting RELIANCE COM, AXIS BANK and DFL as suggested by you on equity report.”

Arun Kumar, Mumbai

“Ashish, You Short term analysis update on DLF is bang on. It reached low of 108.4. only 3 points far from the target.. Following and trading this move made some profits along with learning the Elliot waves. Many thanks.”

Nilesh Patil, Thane

““I am very pleased with the intraday stock picks with charts and proper follow up action. Great Work!”

Sunnid Satpal, Delhi

“Thank you for your excellent analysis on the markets! Your Nifty Strategy has earned me a lot of money.”

Srinath Srinivasmurthy, Bangalore

“First off all. Thank you for the reply on LIC Housing. I was not expecting and when I saw reply I was very happy. Since last week I’m reading your reports. I’m extremely pleased with your work and would like to subscribe for annual package or may be until I trade in market for sure”