Trading and Portfolio Advisory

Trade in Stocks for strong returns!

Trading is very different than just getting the research and then trading by yourself. It is very difficult to capitalize on the emotional flux you go through during trading and it requires strong mindset.

We extensively apply Elliott Wave theory along with traditional and orthodox technical tools and Time cycles & advise clients to trade a perfect setup low risk high profitable trades. If you do not want to take the mental stress to condition yourself for trading profitably we can advise you about the financial market movements, best asset class either equity, commodity, or currency based on your “Risk appetite”&“Time horizon”.

We believe in complete transparent approach and advise you along with charts that explain and justify the positions that you can keep in your portfolio either for Trading or Investments.

Improve Your Trading Accuracy

Here’s what you get access to:

  • Advise on diversify portfolio by investing in less correlated markets and different asset classes. Spread your trading and investments across Equity, Commodity, Currency markets.
  • Specify your maximum Risk taking capability & Time Horizon and we can accordingly strategize and advise the best mix for the portfolio.
  • Receive periodic updates about the performance and technical charts explaining the reason for advising on initiating or exiting the positions.

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