12th March 2020

CNBC TV 18 – Bull’s Eye trade show won in chaotic times!

CNBC TV 18 – Bull’s Eye trade show won in chaotic times!

Global Sell-off pushed Nifty 50 below 10,000 levels today for the first time since March 2018. Nifty slips to the lowest level since October 2017 and enters bear market, down 20% from record high hit in January.

However, during such disastrous global havoc, I managed to win the trade show against other market veteran in last week.

Bulls Eye winner for Day 1, Day 3, Day 4 and entire week from 2nd to 6th March 2020

It feels great to win the Trade show despite of such global events based volatile moves. Below are a few trades taken during the week with clear explanation

02nd March 2020 trades: Stock tips – Sell: Ujjivan, Tata power, BEL, Buy: Atul

Nifty had formed a bearish candle and broken crucial support with a huge gap down hence most stocks selected were in sell. Ujjivan and BEL had charts almost identical to Nifty showing strong bearish momentum. Tata Power had broken its 52 week low and formed a bearish candle with very high volumes. Atul had formed a large bullish candle after minor pullback from its lifetime high level hence it was given in buy.

03rd March 2020 trades: Stock tips – Sell: TVS Motors, RBL Bank, Buy: IPCALab, Deepak Nitrite

Nifty had formed a large bearish candle but it was at the time cycle low and confluence of multiple support levels so I was expecting a reversal but there was no price confirmation yet so I decided to play defensive and chose both buy and sell. TVS Motors was in a downtrend and formed a large bearish candle just after a 4 day pullback showing resuming downtrend and RBL bank had broken important support while the Banking sector seemed very weak hence these two stocks were given in sell. The pharma sector was bullish and IPCALab was an outperformer here and formed a large bullish candle while Deepak Nitrite made a new lifetime high on very high volume so both the stocks were given in buy.

4th March 2020 trades: Stock tips – Buy: Ajanta Pharma, KEI, NOCIL, AAVAS

Nifty closed on a bullish note after bouncing from support levels so my bias was bullish and all stocks were given in buy. NOCIL and KEI formed very bullish candles at support levels while Ajanta Pharma and AAVAS were out performing stocks showing bullishness hence were given in buy.

5th March 2020 trades- Buy: ICRA, BSOFT, NESTLE, Granules

Nifty closed on a flat note and was not showing signs of moving lower while most stocks were rallying so my bias was bullish and all stocks were given in buy. NESTLE and Granules were out performing and resuming their rallies while BSOFT and ICRA formed large bullish candles and the momentum could continue the next day.

The above strategy clearly highlights the fact that knowing the internal Elliott wave pattern of individual stocks along with Nifty direction is extremely important. Stock selection based on Moving averages, Channels, Elliott Wave, RSI indicator and much more is required.

I won by huge margin and made 1.69% without leverage during the week when the other participants lost -7.23% and -6.95% respectively. In terms of amount I made 6778 while other lost -28,911 and -27,781.

The above simply shows power of Elliott wave, Neo wave and how one can trade successfully using these advanced concepts of Technical analysis.

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