Tata Consumer Bang On- Combining Elliott wave with Time cycle, You cannot Miss!

elliott wave tata consumer time cycle Dec 20, 2023

Tata Consumer Bang On- Combining Elliott wave with Time cycle, You cannot Miss!

We are seeing the best of FMCG sector stocks rally since past few trading sessions. We have been Bang on in anticipating this up move in TATA Consumer.

We published about Tata Consumer in November 2023 and predicted a possibility of good returns in the coming months in our Monthly Research report. Check out the research we had published on 17th November itself – Below is the detailed analysis of Tata Consumer and derived targets of 970 levels using Elliott Wave technique and Time cycle.

TATA Consumer weekly chart Anticipated as on 17th November 2023

TATA Consumer Daily chart Anticipated as on 17th November 2023

Wave analysis anticipated on 17th November, 2023

Tata Consumer products has shown strong outperformance over the years. Looking at the pattern development we expect this stock has further potential in the coming times! First chart shows that when FMCG sector is struggling to give breakout of the range and continued to move in a consolidation, however this stock has continued to rise and moving up in form of higher high higher low fashion. Let us understand detail Technical outlook of Tata Consumer for coming month.

In the weekly chart of Tata Consumer products, the stock is trading near the lifetime high levels. Stock is moving well within a Multiyear upward tilted channel. It completed primary wave 4 near 692 levels. Since then, the fifth wave has been unfolding which is further sub dividing. Internal structure of primary wave 5 indicates that prices completed intermediate wave ii near the trendline support and currently intermediate wave iii is unfolding on the upside. We have shown projection of wave iii. As per this, we expect wave iii to retrace 1.618% of wave I which comes near 1125 levels.

We have plotted Time cycle of 76 weeks. Tata Consumer is following 76 period Time Cycle as can be seen in the above chart. Red vertical line represents Time Cycle. We can see prices have bounced from near our cycle. Recently cycle turned onto buy side after a dip. So, we can expect upward momentum in this stock in coming sessions.

On the weekly chart, we have shown ichimoku cloud. Prices have closed and sustained above the Ichimoku cloud. Ichimoku can act as a support cushion. As per this, nearest support is near 810 levels.

To understand momentum, we have shown RSI which is trading above 60 which suggests that a good momentum can be seen.

In a nutshell, trend for Tata Consumer looks positive. A decisive breakout above 930 can open upside targets of 970 and finally to our ultimate target of 1128 which is 1.618 times of wave i. While on the downside 810 is near term support levels.


TATA Consumer daily chart (Happened as 20th December 2023)As we predicted 1 month back if this stock give breakout of 930 levels on the upside then a good rally can be seen with the targets of 970. This tock has managed to surpass our target 1 level of 970 and recently made high of 991.30 which is more than 9% move in less than 1 month of span. This up move we have been able to capture with the help of Elliott wave, Time cycle along with price action.

Stock is currently heading towards our target 2 which is near 1128 levels. So, one can use buy on dips method for now with the targets of 1128(which is 1.618% of wave i) as long as 940 holds on the downside.

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