Adani Port Crashed | Predicted in September 2022, Unbelievable!

adani port crash elliott wave Feb 22, 2023
Adani Port Crashed | Predicted in September 2022

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Elliott wave and Neo wave helped in catching a top of Adani Ports months before when no one expected it.

Adani Ports and Adani group stocks collapsed post the research published by New-York based short-seller Hindenburg.

But if you check the trend was already matured and was expected to reverse on downside by applying Technical analysis methods.

Below is a short video from Master of Waves training program (September 2022)

 Adani Port daily chart (From Master of Waves MOW session – September 2022)

Adani Port Happened

As one can see from above charts that well in advance in September 2022 itself it was possible to see that up move was matured and we can have a bigger correction on downside as the stock was probably completing wave 5 higher.

Elliott wave is GPS of the market. It helps to understand the maturity of trend and if it time to sell. The above clearly showed that Adani port was in for a correction or a down move an eventually the stock moved lower. Infact, the stock topped out in September 2022 much before Hindenburg research was published.

Now that the stock has started its downward journey, prices are currently in wave iv formation and post its completion we should see wave v resuming its downtrend taking stock back towards 450 – 420 levels.

In a nutshell, above research clearly shows how by understanding Elliott wave and Neo wave one can forecast stocks that seems to be driven by news or events but the GPS of the stock gave warning signal much earlier.

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