ALUMINIUM - Is it Time to BUY?

stock stock market trading Jun 06, 2022
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TIME CYCLE is very important to catch lows and to catch reversals. Moving average is a technical indicator which helps to generate buy and sell signals based on crossovers.


We have combined Time cycle with Technical indicator to understand the trend. We have applied Exponential moving averages i.e. 15 EMA and 30 EMA to gauge the price direction. As 15-day EMA is crossing 30-day EMA line from down to up which is deemed to be a bullish signal.

ALUMINIUM has been following 56 period time cycles on 60 min chart very well. As we can see that prices are forming lows near the cycle and every time prices have reversed from there. It looks like low has formed and prices can reverse back from it. EMA crossover is acting as a double confirmation. Overall scenario looks bullish as long as 231.3 holds on the downside.

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