Bank Nifty Cyclicality Forecasting using ROC

bank nifty time cycles trading Jan 23, 2020

Bank Nifty Futures & Options had is one of the most traded contract globally. Weekly expiry has brought in lot of novice traders as well in the game who have been writing options on gut feeling rather than any systematic methods. Such traders cannot sustain in the markets for long unless there is a systematic approach to trading with strict stoploss.

We believe in combining Time cycles to forecast the dates of possible reversal and based on this one can adopt strategy to trade in options very precisely rather than relying on only gut feeling which is random and reason for the losses for most traders.

Bank Nifty daily chart:

Look at the above chart which is plotted along with Rate of Change (ROC) indicator. Each of the arrows shows a reversal. These are not randomly placed but derived using advanced concepts of Time cycles – Hurst Cycle methods.

We can see the latest low is broken which indicates that the top will not be taken out for xxx days. Now with this information don’t you think there is a brilliant way to capitalize by forming Option writing strategy irrespective of the news or event. Also, we know the probable date of next low on Bank Nifty which will provide amazing opportunity to go long. Imagine if you are aware of the reversal days way ahead you can be placed in right direction of the trend when others will keep guessing the outcome of the event or news.

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