Bank Nifty 89 Period Time Cycles for Intraday Options Trading!

bank nifty time cycles trading May 31, 2022
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Time Cycles are powerful studies that can give reversal areas and this if combined with Candlestick can give amazing trade setups

Bank Nifty is near the Time cycle reversal zone and we can see on most of the occasions this cycle has given amazing intraday trade setups, especially for Option traders

Bank Nifty 89 Period Time Cycles

Bank Nifty has continued to move in uptrend after forming a low near 33200 levels. The best way to enter the trend is on basis of Time cycles. We can see that every 89 period Bank Nifty shows a positive reversal. If prices confirm along with Time it can give best conviction low risk trade setups.

Did it happen with you that after entering on breakout the stock moved lower to trigger the stop? The reason being Time has to be in sync with prices. W. D. Gann said that if Time is Up, prices will follow.

Majority of traders are focusing on indicators or derivative of prices rather than purely seeing price and time confluence which can make all the difference.

As shown above in Bank Nifty chart, now a break above 35920 levels will indicate a positive trend towards the channel resistance near 36400 levels as Time will be supportive.

In a nutshell, form simple yet powerful Trade setups on basis of Time and Price confluence and it will make all the difference in your trading style.

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