Bank Nifty – Unbelievable Movement as per Time!

stock stock market trading Jul 27, 2022
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Bank Nifty has been moving in lockstep fashion as per Time which was derived together with 1000s of participants from Exclusive webinar on 23rd July in just 2 hours!

Below chart needs little explanation and it shows the expected movement of Bank Nifty as per Time cycles that too on a 15 minutes chart.

Bank Nifty 15 minutes chart: Anticipated on 23rd July 2022


Time Trading - Bank Nifty has been following 45 period Time cycle extremely well and it has been able to capture important lows time and again. This movement is no surprise as on 23rd July we derived together that

- Bank Nifty can move sideways on Monday (happened – sideways action),

- Fall in Tuesday (Happened Bank Nifty was down by more than 350 points on Tuesday),

- Wednesday Buy day and low to form at 9.30am (Happened – low formed at 9.30 am near 36250 and up by 600 points already)

Imagine all of this was noted on the chart and can be seen from above with precise date and time.

Fed meet – Everyone is too focused on the Fed meeting outcome but we are already trading on basis of Time and markets are moving in lockstep fashion.

In a nutshell, Nifty, Bank Nifty, stocks, commodity behave in a way as per Time techniques but only a few pay attention to time as majority are focusing purely on price. We believe into combining both Price and Time together to derive classic trade setups. Also the first chart was shown with complete detail during the Exclusive free webinar and there are 1000s of eye witness to it now who are on path to becoming the #TimeTraders.

Mentorship on Timing the market – for 3 months we are going to look at techniques that work in the market and focus on both Price and Time. Imagine if the power of forecasting like above is in your hands will you not be able to trade with high accuracy, strong conviction and no anxiety. Believe it. Fill below form for more details.