Bank Nifty Ichimoku Cloud, Elliott Wave Pattern

bank nifty elliott wave ichimoku cloud trading Aug 02, 2021
bank nifty , elliott wave

Bank Nifty has continued to be a major laggard in the ongoing market rally. This index formed a top in February 2021 and is still far away from that.

Ichimoku Cloud and Elliott Wave is a simple and powerful way of forecasting and trading the markets.

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Bank Nifty daily chart:

Ichimoku Cloud is a simple indicator that helps to understand the key support, resistance level and the overall trend for the stock or index. We can clearly see that the index has been failing to show any upside momentum even when Nifty is trading near lifetime high levels. This underperformance from Bank Nifty is concerning but we have to wait and watch if it can start to catch up on the upside or start giving away by breaking below the lower end of the cloud support.

Elliott Wave pattern: As per the Elliott wave pattern prices are moving in the form of wave (c) and the entire rise is non – impulsive. There is possibility that the entire move is in form of Big triangle. Support is near 34000 and the upper end of resistance at 36000 mark.

So, by combining these two techniques how can we trade?

As we can see prices are near the cloud support and move back above 35000 will indicate short term upside pullback towards the previous high whereas a break below the support will indicate a no trading zone as prices will be stuck within the cloud with support near 33900 levels. So conviction to take trades increases sharply by combining both Elliott wave and Ichimoku Cloud.

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