Diwali Multibagger Stock Up 110%

diwali multibagger stock market Nov 09, 2023

Diwali Multibagger Stock Up 110%

Diwali festival is not only celebrated as a festival of lights, but investors also use the occasion to buy stocks with the expectation of earning higher returns.

We have published 4 stocks in last year Diwali namely Sundaram Fasteners, Cipla, Nestle and KPIT Tech. As shown on the below chart, we can see that KPIT Tech already achieved our target and moved way above it and showed movement of more than 110%. Along with this, Sundaram Fasteners, Cipla and Nestle also showed maximum returns of 53%, 49% and 37% in just one year of span. Below is one of the stocks.

KPIT Tech (Weekly Chart

Investment and trading both involve risk and there are no guarantees. If you can take a systematic risk then there can be rewards accordingly.

We use Neo wave which is an advanced concept of Elliott wave and Time cycles to identify the turning areas, overall long-term trends, sectors, and much more to identify such stocks which has potential to give Multibagger returns.

Since Diwali Muhurat Trading is an auspicious day, a lot of traders and investors look for stocks with the potential to be Multibaggers. In less than a year, one of our stocks, KPIT Tech, surged by over 110% and met our goals.

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