Dr Lal Path Up 8% – Time Cycles Cannot Be More Accurate!

stocks time cycles trading Jun 10, 2021

Time cycles is a simple yet very effective way to time the market to the very Day, Hour or Minute.

Dr. Lal Path is a classic example that shows how by combining classical pattern along with Time Cycles can help in capturing the turn to make a quick short term trade. The stock is up by 8% as on 10th June 2021 but was it predictable? Yes, we published this stock in our daily equity research report – “The Financial Waves Short Term Update

Dr Lal Pathlabs Daily chart: anticipated on 8th June 2021 morning report

Dr Lal Pathlabs Hourly chart: Happened

Following was published in the morning research on 8th June 2021 – The Financial Waves short term update

Anticipated – On the daily chart, in the previous session it formed a bullish candle. The stock has formed a classical reversal pattern which is ‘Inverted Head and Shoulders’ which indicate a bearish to bullish trend reversal and also suggest accumulation pattern. Now daily close above 2985 level will confirm breach of neckline of the pattern and suggests that move towards 3100-3110 zone has started where conservative target as per right shoulders is placed.

Happened: The stock moved up by more than 8% in single trading session and rallied from 2985 to above 3200 levels. This clearly shows that the reversal has come on upside exactly from 110 hours time cycle that has worked out extremely well.

This simply shows that along with knowing the classical patterns if one also has the time element in favour there is much added conviction to take the trade and accordingly leveraged can be done understanding the stoploss basis of time.

Yes, It is possible to set target for price as well along with time which is a classical way of looking at time cycles.

Why learn Time Cycles – Have you witnessed that despite of being on right side of the trend just because you did not time it to the very day or hour you missed the opportunity or the stop got triggered just before the trend started? The reason being you did not time the trade well and the only tool that can do it for you is understanding the cycles of the market. This technique is Simple yet powerful but known to only a few big players. On 12th – 13th June we are covering this science and it happens only once in a year. Grab this opportunity NOW. Know more here