Gold: 51 Days Time cycle, Must see!!!

gold reversal timecycle Jul 19, 2023
Gold: 51 Days Time cycle, Must see!!!

Gold has started to shine again and we predicted this up move even before the rally started using Time cycle in our weekly webinar with 1000 of participants dated on 1st July 2023.

Time Cycles are powerful studies that can give reversal areas. See detail research below how we precited this early move well in advance!!!

Gold has been moving up every 51 days which can be seen from below charts when no one expected it to move from 57650 to current price which is near 59870 levels.

Gold – Anticipated as per Time cycle Daily chart (Anticipated on 1st July with 1000 of participants in Weekly webinar)

Gold daily chart (Happened)

We have been discussing about Gold following 51 Days time cycle for more than a year now. The asset was trading below 58000 mark when we presented this as opportunity during the webinar. Every 51 days Gold has a tendency to form a low and bounce back on upside. Recent low was also formed near our cycle which was due on 6th July near 57650 levels. Since then Gold has shown an excellent rally of more than 4%.

It is possible to time the entry and keep riding the trend much ahead of the news or event. We believe that by studying this concept of Time cycle one can predict the movement much ahead just when trend is starting.

In nutshell, we can expect Gold to continue to shine in coming sessions as long as 57650 holds on the downside which is a cycle low.

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