ITC – Identifying bottoms using Time Cycle.

itc stocks time cycles Oct 14, 2021
ITC , Time Cycles, Stocks

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ITC has shown a sharp rise. In such cases, one can take advantage of advanced technical tools like Time Cycles. Check out the Analysis below on how one can trade the stock at current levels.

ITC as of 09th October 2021 (Anticipated)

ITC as of 14th October 2021 (Happened)

Analysis –

We recently conducted an online seminar Masters of Cycle (MOC) on 09 October 2021, wherein we have discussed the application of time cycles on various stocks. One of the stocks we discussed was ITC.

We have posted the screenshot of the ITC daily chart from the seminar above. Wherein, the vertical line represents Time Cycle which is applied to catch the crucial lows and also to finds its reversals. On ITC, we had applied the 55 Days Hurst Time cycle as it helping us to capture the major lows.

We have also mentioned that the reversals can only be witnessed after a bullish candle is formed. Prices moved exactly as we expected and made the high of 260.3. The total movement on the upside is 13%.

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