ITC Time Cycles or Demerger News?

demerger itc option trading time cycle Jul 17, 2023
ITC Demerger or 55 days Time cycle

Tobacco-to-hospitality conglomerate ITC is looking at finalising the long-standing proposal for demerging its hotels business

Many are attributing the rise in ITC stock on back of possible demerger.

But the stock has been moving up every 55 days since 2022 and can be seen from below charts when no one expected it to move from 250 to current price above 470.

ITC – Anticipated as per Time cycle Daily chart

ITC Happened:

We have been discussing about ITC stock following 55 Days time cycle for more than a year now. The stock was trading below 250 when we presented this as opportunity during the webinar.

Every 55 days ITC has a tendency to form a low and bounce back on upside. Very few were interested in this stock as it was a major laggard during April 2022.

But if one knows about Time cycle it is possible to time the entry and keep riding the trend much ahead of the news or event.

Happened: ITC rallied by nearly 90% in just over a year time basis of time cycle and not the demerger news. We believe that every stock, index has their time and by studying this concept of Time cycle one can predict the movement much ahead just when trend is starting.

The recent sharp up move of past few days also came exactly from this Time cycle date of ITC.

Hurst’s Time cycle helps us to understand weekly, daily even 15 minutes or 5 minutes time frame turning areas across stocks, commodity and indices.

In a nutshell, ITC continues to be in uptrend as long as the Time cycle support near 440 is protected. Breach below cycle low will suggest time is changing and the rally has matured. Thus Time cycles can be used to trade both bullish and bearish sides.

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