Nifty Realty surged more than 100% in last 1 year; KPIL For Multibagger Returns!!

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Nifty Realty surged more than 100% in last 1 year; KPIL For Multibagger Returns

It is possible to capture a massive move in a shorter time frame with the help of Time cycle and simple Elliott wave.

We had recommended to buy Kalpataru Projects in our Multibagger stock report back in July 2023 around 599 levels! Below shows a detailed chart and analysis that the stock followed.

KPIL Weekly Chart Anticipated as on 26th July 2023
  KPIL Weekly chart with Bollinger Bands Anticipated as on 26th July 2023

Wave analysis as on 26th July 2023

In the weekly chart of KPIL, we can see that, stock was in a large complex correction since many years. The stock completed wave Y(blue) and Primary wave 2 (black) near the low of around 360 levels in August 2023. After the formation of this low price has shown sharp recovery of almost 72% and has managed to move in a higher high and higher low fashion. Currently Primary wave 3 is moving on the upside. This confirms that a major correction looks to have completed and a fresh impulse move has started on the upside.

Also, breakout of the ‘Inverse Head and Shoulder pattern’ has happened. This is classical reversal pattern which occurs when downtrend is in final stages. Along with this, the breakout of the upper bands has started. If prices able to give breakout again then further bullish momentum can continue. Hence the overall trend remains bullish.

The 76 weeks’ time cycle represented by red vertical lines which can be seen in the above chart which has managed to capture major lows. Recent low made was also exactly near our cycle. Any close above 600 can turn cycle on the buy mode. In short, overall signs are suggesting that the outlook looks positive as Wave theory and Time cycle both are in sync. Now we just need price action to confirm it.

In short, KPIL seems to have started a long term up move. One can buy at current levels near 599 and add more quantity in case price dips towards 500 levels for a move towards 1080 or higher levels. Place the stoploss at 360 levels which is a low of wave 2.

KPIL Daily chart Happened as on 14th March 2024

Happened: In July 2023, we published on KPIL (KALPATARU PROJECTS) in our Multibagger report. At that time stock was trading close to 599 levels. Stock recently on 11th March 2024 achieved our target of 1080 levels and made a high of 1163 within less than 8 months, which is more than 100% from the dip levels.

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