Nifty 18 Days Time Cycle with CandleStick Breakout Strategy

nifty time cycles trading Jul 15, 2021
nifty, time cycles

Option Traders have been writing both Call and Put options assuming a tight range bound movement on Nifty over past many days.

In our latest webinar on 11th July 2021, we clearly showed 18 Days Time Cycle and mentioned a positive breakout to happen when Nifty was only at 15680 levels. From there prices have already climbed by more than 250 points. So, we anticipated a positive breakout when majority were busy trading the range.

Below video clip explains why we turned bullish using this simple method of Time Cycles with CandleSticks, see it yourself to believe it:

Nifty 18 Days Cycle Explained:

Happened: Nifty moved from 15680 to 15940 levels already now. It is amazing to see how brilliantly these techniques work and this is how institutions and big funds keep a tab of time. We want to ensure that this simple method of timing the market is available to everyone who wants to trade using scientific approach and prudent risk management strategies. Nifty has moved by more than 250 points from there and participants of that webinar are already deep in the money if they acted based on charts and methods and not on basis of any news.

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