Is it possible to Catch Reversals, Time the market?

investment nifty time cycle trading Sep 26, 2023
Is it possible to Catch Reversals, Time the market?

Timing the market is very much possible if one understands the science behind it and can be used for Trading, Investing on stocks, Nifty, Bank Nifty.

Hurst’s Time cycles – J. M. Hurst known as father of Time cycle has been able to come out with scientific way to identify time and applied it on stocks for trading.

Below chart of Nifty shows 55 days Time cycle applied on daily chart along with Neo wave.

Nifty daily chart:

55 Days Time cycle – Mid cycle is the main Time cycle reversal area with blue and red line around it giving a Time positive zone. These are the areas where prices can possibly form lows and turn back on upside.

On most of the occasions the mid cycle works best but there are times when the blue or the red ones also form important lows.

Nifty is now back to the mid Time cycle area. So, Time is turning up but do remember price confirmation is important as trading is confluence of both price and time.

Since past 6 trading sessions Nifty has not closed above prior day’s high. So now a close above prior high will bring price in sync with Time. Many times trader do not understand the concept of confluence trading which is crucial.

In a nutshell, Time is turning again on buy side but prices are yet to confirm. With this two parameters if one can form a trading strategy it will work extremely well giving the much needed conviction and accuracy. Close above 19750 followed by 19800 will indicate start of wave c higher but any break back below 19600 will keep wave b ongoing but downside momentum can reduce as Time is turning up.

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