Nifty Elliott Wave Pattern – Path Ahead! BANG ON!!!

elliott wave ichimoku cloud nifty May 06, 2022
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Nifty Elliott Wave – Neo wave pattern has continued to show amazing outcome with prices moving in tandem with the wave patterns. Many are seeing this movement on basis of news but the wave structure is helping us forecast each and every move and below charts clearly shows that.

Nifty Diametric pattern is very clear on the charts that we discussed during the Exclusive webinar on 1st May with 100s of participants together.

Nifty 60 minutes chart: Anticipated on 1st May 2022. 

Nifty 60 minutes chart: Happened

Elliott Wave analysis:

Nifty has a sharp decline post the webinar showed on 1st May 2022

A clear trade strategy can be formed by combining these simple methods of Neo wave theory along with the Ichimoku cloud.

As shown on the above chart prices have completed wave (e) of triangle pattern and has shown sharp reversal on the downside. This suggest that the bigger trend has started on the downside. Nifty path was shown in the first chart and prices had a big gap down opening as expected. The internal structure of wave (C) is impulsive in nature. The bounce from the Ichimoku cloud towards the lower level has given us further confirmation that wave (B) has completed on the upside and another leg has started in the form of wave (C). This is purely as per Elliott wave pattern.

In a nutshell, once can see that traders can forecast from weeks to days to the very minute of the market by understanding the concept of Time and Elliott wave patterns. Our Mentees are simply thrilled as they have witnessed it real time. Are you a part of this Elite group who are on path to become the #TimeTraders.

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