Nifty Hits Lifetime High, Intraday Trading Timing the Market

bank nifty nifty price action time cycles Feb 19, 2024

Nifty Hits Lifetime High, Intraday Trading Timing the Market

Nifty hits lifetime high – Is it possible to time the market?

Yes, using the concepts of Time cycle it is possible to identify the exact date and time when we can expect a reversal to happen.

Time cycles shows the possible reversal areas and the same has to be combined along with Price action to derive high probability outcome.

Below chart of Nifty and Bank Nifty was shown during live webinar with 1000s of participants with the date and time of reversal that too on a 15 minutes time frame.

Nifty 15 minutes chart – Anticipated on 13th February 2024 

Nifty happened: 

Bank Nifty 15 minutes chart – Anticipated on 10th February 2024


Bank Nifty Happened:


Time cycle Trading - Above chart of Nifty anticipated was shown on 13th February before the Gap down on 14th February. The Time reversal was mentioned as 9.45am. Nifty had a big Gap down opened near 21550 and then made a low at 21530 levels that too on time at 9.45am. From there prices rallied sharply on the same day and continued the up move even beyond 22000 levels.

By combining price action with time cycle one could have entered around the area of 21580 – 21600 levels as both prices and time confirmed from there much before Nifty touching the lifetime high levels beyond 22120 on 19th February 2024.

Bank Nifty Time cycle -  Bank Nifty anticipated chart shows the forecast of time on 13th February 3pm. At this time there was no positive price confirmation above the swing high. Next day prices had a sharp Gap down opening and reversed the hourly candle on upside. This also happened from near the time zone period. So a positive price action on Bank Nifty with time resulted into an up move from the lows of 44890 to the highs of 46670 – a move of nearly 1800 points in just 3 trading sessions.

In a nutshell, by combining time forecasting technique along with price action, Nifty gave a move of more than 600 points and Bank Nifty showed a move of more than 1800 points. This only shows the power of proper application of Price Time together. Also note this is not 100% sure shot. It is prudent to apply stoploss and lose less when it does not work and make a killing when it goes in favour.

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