Nifty Ichimoku Cloud, Channels, Time Cycles and Neo wave:

nifty time cycles trading Apr 08, 2021
Nifty, Time cycles

Ichimoku Cloud, Channels, Time Cycles and Neo wave are powerful methods of forecasting and are must tools for any trader.

Below research shows application of these methods which is published in the morning daily research The Financial Waves Short Term Update before market opened.

Nifty daily chart:

Wave analysis: Following was published on 8th April morning before markets opened

“In previous update we mentioned that “It is best to either write options to trade the current consolidation or wait for a clear trending move to emerge for getting trading confirmation in the direction of breakout. 14880 on upside and 14580 on downside is the range for now” BANG ON!

Nifty moved precisely as expected and touched intraday high of 14879.80 level exactly where we mentioned as resistance. From there index gave away gains and moved lower again before finally closing at 14819 levels. There seems to be tug of war between bulls and bears keeping index in a range for now.

…. Days Time Cycle – As shown on daily chart, ?? days Time cycle is due on 9th April and this cycle has managed to form important lows on most of the occasions except during the March fall. However, even then it resulted into a few days of sideways move before the collapse. Prices are also near the daily Ichimoku Cloud support and bounced back from there. This combined with Time cycles is suggesting there can be a positive breakout but again we have to get confirmation above ……… levels.

Over short term, the range bound movement has continued and unless an hourly close above or below the Bollinger Bands is witnessed it is best to anticipate the direction of breakout. Smart trader understands the indicators but know that price action is most important element for taking the plunge.

In a nutshell, Nifty is at make it or break it juncture. We have already seen many weeks of Time correction once the …… days cycle has topped out. Now let us see if prices start showing a bottoming pattern here and gives a breakout above ……. for move towards …….. or fails back below …….. short term support levels. Next two days will result into a trending move. Stay tuned!”

Above research clearly shows how we can stay ahead of major market turns by understanding these concepts of Neo wave, Time cycles, Ichimoku cloud along with patterns and much more.

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