Nifty50 Important levels to track Volume analysis – Is it Time to Buy?

nifty50 stock market trading Nov 15, 2023

Nifty50 Important levels to track Volume analysis – Is it Time to Buy?

In trading Volume plays vital role to see big player’s activity. Nifty Volume profile shows area where big players have created their positions.

Volume at price or volume profile is different than normal Volume analysis.

Nifty hourly chart -

Above chart shows big volume activity near 19530 (fut) - 19480 spot levels. This is the area where prices opened on 13th November post Diwali Muhurat trading day.

It shows that major activity happened on 13th November as the volume became even bigger than the earlier area of 19700 levels. The red line is the Volume point of control (VPOC) showing that as long as this area is protected Bulls will be in control.

Analyzing volumes using this way provides vital information of big player’s accumulation zone. And trading in direction of them is the key to trade successfully.

On upside the hurdle is near 19820 (fut) so around 19760 spot levels as majority of volumes are within the shaded green area that represents 70% of the data. So the Value area high which is at 19760 is immediate hurdle.

In a nutshell, by analyzing volumes it is possible to trade with an edge. It is showing that the market is buy on dips as long as 19480 remains intact with upside hurdle near 19760 levels.