Nifty Lifetime Highs Target 23290 Done! What is Next?

gann lifetimehighs neowave nifty Jun 03, 2024

Gann square of 9 along with Neo wave combined together to derive targets for Nifty and what is next after prices touched lifetime high levels?

Nifty has moved sharply higher as expected and prices touched 23290 levels already.

Below chart of Nifty was shown on 24th May 2024.

Nifty daily chart: Happened: Nifty Gann sq of 9 chart

Anticipated - Nifty moved up and achieved the target of 23290 after the exit polls itself. This was forecasted using Neo wave on 24th May 2024, much before the exit poll outcome.

Happened: Prices moved up precisely and crossed above 23300 levels. Gann square of 9 helps to understand the possible areas that can act as hurdle or magnet. We can see that 22276 has been the level that was pulling prices multiple times and it acted as a magnet.

Now that we have broken even above 22877 decisively this level will act as immediate support and on upside the next level as per Gann square of 9 is at 23486.

It will be interesting to see price action on the event day of Election actual outcome if 23486 level is achieved and we start seeing prices moving around this level or the same is also crossed for next targets.

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