Nifty Crashed – Is it Lunar Cycle?

lunar cycle nifty Jan 24, 2022
nifty, lunar cycle

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Lunar Cycle has lot of importance in astrology but read the phases of moon to see if any relationship exists with respect to stock market.

Yes, Nifty and full moon (Pournima) and no moon (Amavasya) gives crucial turning patterns. See the below chart:

Nifty Lunar cycle chart

During the uptrend for most of 2021 Nifty rallied post the full moon represented by highlighted color below the prices and moved sideways or lower post the new moon shown by empty circle above the prices. However, it is witnessed since the top formed in October 2021 prices started falling post Pournima or full moon. Even this time the top was formed on 18th January which was a full moon day. The only exception was a low at 16400 in Dec 2021. So, it seems Pournima is acting as tops and Amavasya as lows. The upcoming new moon or Amavasya now falls on 1st February 2022.

1st February 2022 also coincides with Budget day and there is going to be trending move emerging post that. Looking at the moon phases there is possibility of a rise from 1st Feb on wards but we have to combine this with price confirmation.

In a nutshell, we can clearly see how Lunar cycles can help to time the market and by combining both price and time tools one can form amazing trade setups.

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