Nifty topped out according to the Lunar cycle?

lunar cycle nifty Oct 28, 2021
Nifty, Lunar Cycle

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Lunar Cycles are well known for varied reasons but we are extending that study to stock market and Nifty.

See the below chart of Nifty with the full moon being marked

Nifty daily chart:

Cyclical analysis: Above chart clearly showcase that almost on all the occasions post the Full moon or Pournima, Nifty has continued to move in the upward direction only except the latest full moon. (The empty circle above the chart is No Moon or New moon and the highlighted circle below the chart is full moon).

Most of the dips or consolidation also occurred during the period between the new moon and the full moon. But If you notice after the latest new moon on 7th October prices had a strong rally instead of a consolidation or a dip. Hence now we are seeing that prices are moving lower after the latest full moon which was on 21st October.

A change in the market behaviour with respect to lunar cycle suggests that the overall market is shifting from buy on dips to sell on rise. The index was rallying within the rising channel since August and since then for the first time prices have broken the channel support. Any failed attempt now to move back above the channel will add to the fact that the bigger cycle is turning on downside.

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