Nifty Moon Cycle – Will It Push Prices Higher Again!

moon cycle nifty time cycles Sep 20, 2021
Nifty, Time cycles

Lunar Cycles are well known for varied reasons but we are extending that study to stock market and Nifty.

It is widely known that on Pournima or Full Moon days there is natural up thrust of energy. This also results into a high tide in the ocean. Not only is that but it also impacts the human behavior in a way that amplifies the social mood.

Now what it has to do with stock market?

See the below chart of Nifty with the full moon being marked

Nifty daily chart:

Cyclical analysis: Above chart clearly showcase that almost on all the occasions post the Full moon or Pournima, Nifty has continued to move in the upward direction.

Most of the dips or consolidation also occurred during the period between the new moon and the full moon. (The empty circle above the chart is No Moon or New moon and the highlighted circle below the chart is full moon).

Also this study is working extremely well as the overall trend is on the upside or markets are driven by positive social mood and the same gets amplified post every full moon cycle.

We are not trying to do any pseudo-science but identifying the repeatable patterns that provide trader with opportunity that can be exploited to trade probability in favor. 

It will be interesting to see that with the Full moon now due and prices near the channel support if markets can start finding positive thrust over next two days and repeat the history again! Interesting, Isn’t it!

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