NIFTY Bang On: Power of Neo wave and Gann Level

gann neo wave nifty trading Sep 22, 2023
NIFTY Bang On: Power of Neo wave and Gann Level

We derived path on Nifty in our MOW Session with 100s of participants. Nifty moved preciously as per path shown below. Below is the chart which shows a detailed analysis of Nifty which we tweeted on 13th September 2023.

 Nifty Anticipated chart on 13 September 2023

Anticipated as on 13th september 2023 on our twitter handle

#Nifty path on basis of #Neowave. Many have been asking for possible path that Nifty can trace from here. I think 20175 can be an important hurdle from where we will move back to #Gann 19952 before bouncing back again to next #Gann level of 20521, depth of wave b will be the key. Current wave a is very similar to 1st leg of rise in a. I do not want to come in middle of a super train as I am riding all the way up from 19430 but  think time for a pause SOON!

Nifty happened chart as on 22nd september 2023


Nifty on the upside took resistance exactly from the 20175 level as we mentioned in our twitter and from there on Nifty witnessed a selling pressure which dragged prices lower. We successfully capture this down move using Neo wave and Gann. Currently the support for Nifty comes at 19600 level which is 61.8% of the prior wave a.

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