Nifty Neo wave, 55 Days Time Cycle with Momentum Indicator

momentum neo wave nifty time cycle Jun 15, 2023
Nifty Neo wave, 55 Days Time Cycle with Momentum Indicator

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Elliott wave and Neo wave are forecasting technical analysis method that helps to understand the maturity of trend. This when combined with Time cycles can help to time the trade accurately.

Below chart of Nifty is showing Time indicator – KST along with Neo wave counts and why we are matured stages of up move?

Nifty daily chart:

Nifty when broke above 17060 we turned super bullish as prices were completing wave (b) and starting wave (c) on upside. We published the research in our daily equity research report The Financial Waves short term update

Now the markets have rallied nearly 1800 points from there and the momentum is reducing.

KST indicator – this is a time indicator as it takes summation of various Rate of change and is plotted as single indicator. KST also known as Know Sure Thing is developed by Martin Pring. This along with Time cycle application provides much needed clarity to time the market.

Neo wave – The internal counts of wave (c) is suggesting that prices are moving up in form of Diametric pattern which is a 7 legged pattern. Currently prices are in wave f formation which can be sideways to little pressure on downside. Post its completion wave g on upside can resume. So the trend is matured but we might still be in buy on dips mode for another week or so.

55 Days Time cycle – We can see that prices tend to form low and reverses back up from the middle line which is 55 days days cycle. The low may not be a major low but it can also be a minor down move and upside reversal. The latest black middle line also acted as reversal day where wave b got completed and prices started moving higher in wave c. Next cycle low is going to be on 6th July 2023.

In a nutshell, Nifty can drift higher with lack of momentum. Short term correction is possible but one more leg on upside in form of wave g can start taking prices to Gann levels of 18838 or near lifetime highs. But combine this with short term charts and trade accordingly.

Thus by combining Neo wave, Time cycle and indicator like KST one can form prudent strategy for trading stocks or even futures and options. This technique can be applied on daily, hourly and even 15 minutes time frame for Intraday trading.

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