Nifty Important Reversal Dates with Elliott Wave, Is Low in Place!

elliott wave nifty trading Apr 07, 2020

Nifty has been on a roller coaster ride with sharp movement on either direction. We can see a sharp decline in second half of last week is only followed by equally fast reversals on upside.

Such moves for advanced Elliott wave or Neo wave practitioner is not a surprise but rather it gives amazing opportunity to trade if only he or she knows when the reversal is going to happen.

Now look at the below chart of Nifty that mentions important reversal dates. By combining these time reversal areas along with studies of Neo wave and Ichimoku Cloud you can probably make some amazing returns. But always understand trading is more of a mind game and is always associated with risk. If one is aware about managing risk than there is high probability to make above average returns. Anyone who claims to be 100% sure is definitely going to be 100% wrong. So understand this is game of probability and one should pull the trigger when the odds are in favour.

Let us see at Nifty chart with a few reversal dates
Nifty 15 minutes chart:

Important Dates for Nifty:

Look at the important dates marked on the chart for Nifty. Each of these dates have marked a positive move on upside. Those are not randomly selected at the lows. Infact, if you observe closely the date of 25th March was a higher low.

If one is aware of such dates it gives amazing insight into the trading paradigm. Everyone is too occupied looking at the news or events and deriving their viewpoint on markets. I wish if only market moved on basis of news or events everyone would be easily making a killing.
But trust me it takes a lot more for trading the markets. It does not move randomly but in cyclical pattern and formation.
So what is next from here? We are approaching another such date what to expect from here on?

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